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bahorelsexual asked: are you basically saying that the root of all problems is because of something people honestly cant control, i.e. their race, sexuality, and gender? wow look at how far we've come with this whole 'world peace' and 'equality' thing. you're doing a wonderful job at not excluding anyone's feelings because all that matters is the opinion of one demographic. sound familiar?

I’m not arguing for world peace and equality.  I’m arguing for justice and retribution; there’s a difference.  When I say things like “kill all whites” it’s obviously tongue in cheek because I have no institutional power over whites and it won’t result in anything legitimate.  I also have a few white friends but they are good allies who (surprise surprise) don’t make social justice ALL ABOUT THEIR FUCKING SELVES.  White people are ridiculously good at taking serious world issues and just being like “I don’t care if you’re raped at a higher rate than me!  Your comments hurt my feelings waaaah”

Yes, I am (to an extent) excluding whites/straight people/cis people.  They’re more than welcome to read my blog but this isn’t a blog for their “rights” and “opinions” because they are free to share their opinions LITERALLY EVERY FUCKING OTHER PLACE.  This is a safe space for oppressed people and white/straight/cis/male ALLIES who actually know how to shut up and educate themselves instead of pissing everyone off with their “free speech”

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