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Why is “My Neck, My Back” funny? Because racism/sexism.

I’m doing my sociology final paper this year on the racism and misogyny behind the critiques of “My Neck, My Back”. Obviously I’m not going to write my whole paper on Tumblr, but I just wanted to share a few thoughts.

Whenever My Neck My Back comes on at a party, everyone (especially white men) think it’s hilarious. What exactly is funny about it, though? Why is it that we can listen to white musicians like Robin Thicke rap triggeringly about rape, but the minute a WOC raps about getting consensual oral pleasure from a man, everyone giggles?

White men especially are threatened by the intense, unadulterated sexuality and beauty of WOC, especially WOC who do not need a phallus in order to enjoy sex (because honestly PiV isn’t “sex”, it’s one sexual activity and most women would be fine without it). When we hear My Neck My Back, we think “ew, so wrong!” but we’re more than willing to grind and bump to Robin Thicke telling us “you know you want it.”

If this isn’t proof of the white cis male supremacy I’m not sure what is! What exactly is “funny” about the line “Lick it good”? Why is that funny? Why is it funny to hear about licking someone’s crack? Seriously, tell me. I’m waiting.

Granted, giggling at My Neck My Back isn’t quite as corrosive as dancing and singing along to Blurred Lines. But I don’t see why either thing has to happen. Please examine your reactions next time you laugh at My Neck My Back. Thanks everyone.

Also, do not feel like a total scumbag if you’ve laughed at it before. People screw up and that’s fine. But once is enough for you to “learn”, now you’ve learned so don’t make the same mistake again.

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